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First Holiday Since the New Schedule

I checked Calgary Transit service yesterday for the fastest way home. My job is 8kms away from my house. The best time I could come up with was 1 hour. If I was able to get out of work 15 minutes early, my time home would have been an 1 hour and 15 minutes. I left work 5 minutes early and caught a bus that dropped me off about 3 kms from home. I ran the rest of the way. It took me half an hour. Thank God I am a decent runner. This service is awful.

Calgary Transit Sucks! Why now?

I bought calgarytransitsucks.com in 2008. Transit was horrible at the time. Nenshi  became our mayor a couple of years later and, whether he had much to do with it or not, transit improved a lot. I held on to the domain name, but didn't do anything with it. Until now.

September 2019 and Calgary City Council has decided that weekend riders don't need a decent level of service.

I used to catch the #29 at 5:27 Saturday evening after a 9 hours shift (and an hour commute to work) prior. The trains only run ever 15 minutes now. I have a 5 minute longer wait at the train station. My 5:27 bus has been rescheduled to 5:47. But this isn't the biggest issue. Tele-ride tells me the bus won't be there until 6:22. I don't know whether to take another bus that might get me closer to home and run the rest of the way or wait. My bus shows up at 5:57 (10 minutes late). This has been consistent every Saturday since the beginning of September. The same late bus and Tele-ride consistently gives me the same wrong information.

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